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ARi-UP.COM - - History #3



The wild women of punk burst onto the scene like a pus-soaked spot and were a lot more obnoxious than most of their male counterparts. Featuring a 15-year-old, ARi-UP, phlegm fatale with a thick german accent and a birdsnest hairstyle, these women got barred from most of the Rock establishment, including shops and even the odd taxi that would'nt pick them up!
Ari was a snot-nosed kid and even did Johnny Rotten's head in: (who at the time_was seeing_ and later married her mum, Nora Forster.

The Slits went onto discover more dub sounds in their later days eventually splitting in 1981.

ARi-UP married a Rasta and settled in Jamaica & Brooklyn, sporting a dreadlock barnet, (suprise!!!), and now owns a thick, Jamaican/German accent with loads of kids.

VIV ALBERTINE, the guitarist and most sussed of the band is now an independent film producer.

TESSA POLLIT was poached from a notorious but unheard of girl band The Castrators, after Ari spotted her in a News Of The World expose. This quiet, reserved girl with wealthy parents, has since the band's split, disappeared without trace to form a family.

Drummer PALMOLIVE was a wild Spaniard who first played drums in the ill-fated Flowers of Romance, (along with Viv and Sid Vicious before he sacked them both!) This group named by Mr. Rotten, only got to rehearsal stages. She then joined the Slits before eventually getting the push in late '78 for restricting their musical direction. After forming The Raincoats she travelled round India before ending up in the States, married to a Scottish Church Minister with 3 kids.

She was then replaced__for a time__by the hugely instumental, uber-drummer: BUDGIE, who later moved on to become one of the globes greatest drummers for 15 years, with Siouxsie & The Banshees.

Replacing him was the Pop Group's, mind-tripping drummer, BRUCE SMITH, and the atmospheric, multi-master, STEVE BERESFORD.

The SLiTS original bass player was Suzi Gutsy who rehearsed but never gigged and later joined the Flicks. Kate Korus played guitar in the early days but was replaced by VIV 2 weeks before the band supported the Clash on the White Riot tour of '77.

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ARI: "We're just not interested in questions about women's liberation__you either think chauvinism is shit, or you don't.
We think its shit."

VIV: "The idea that we are a gimmick is something that will go in time . The more women creators there are , the less we will be seen like that...We're not playing in a rock'n' roll band in a calculated just comes naturally. I find it confusing that there aren't more girls in rock bands."

ARI: "They never try.. The Runaways tried but please...."

"We always get a few people who are going "get 'em off"...We don't get dead quiet audiences...good atmospheres."

---Punk Rock-Virginia Boston---

"I love those visual come-ons that draw me to the stage, lusting for the Slits and loving being manipulated so easily. Musically they go for the white noise technique rather than a tune trip."

---Tony D Ripped and Torn Fanzine---

"The Slits came on and ravaged their way through a brilliant set. By the way, Ari-Up has a super pair of legs."

-LA Silver. Viva La Resistance Fanzine-

VIV: "I never liked any women in rock'n'roll...It wasn't until I met Chrissie Hynde that I saw myself as a guitarist...she was the first girl...who played the guitar without looking like Joni Mitchell. And it was great."

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