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"They were loud brash bold and unrepentant...
they never compromised their image or stance...
they must have inspired loads of women to pick up a guitar and form a band...
they were pure punk driven by female power...
they shocked a lot of people , both on and of stage. They were dangerous, and their very presence
threatened those that considered rock to be a male-
only pursuit."

Mark Perry from 'And God Created Punk'

The Slits

In the Beginning:
A Live Anthology (1976-1981)


This the way god meant punk to be heard -- full-on live, warts and all.
The first seven tracks, previously unreleased, were recorded at Dingwalls in London on 6.9.77. With cracking voices, mike feedback, and coarse comments from the crowd, it's easy to close your eyes and pretend you're actually there witnessing a precious page of punk history. Track eight is an interesting, albeit absurdist, acoustic recording of the bands notorious "Number One Enemy." What makes this track so interesting is that they had the 'nads to record it at all.

The last seven tracks are subdivided into a set called Dub Era. It is a collection of live but mixed recordings. The songs are, naturally, smoother and more evenly engineered, but they retain their raw, offensive personae.

These grrrls had no role models; they had to forge ahead on their own, by the seats of their panties, so to speak. Subsequent female rockers from Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders to Justine of Elastica can credit at least part of their success to The Slits. Cleopatra should be applauded for bringing us disc after disc of punk history, which would otherwise be lost forever.

--David A Clark

"That was the first time we'd ever been in a studio. Lots of people thought the result better than the album. It was absolutely raw, more raw than any boys' band . I almost can't believe we had that much energy."

Viv Albertine of the SLITS, on The Peel Sessions

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